Security Nexus Webinar

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 16: Ukraine War, Global Power Shifts, and Security Implications for the Indo-Pacific

On May 28, the Security Nexus Webinar, hosted by Dr. James Minnich, Colonel USA Retired and DKI APCSS Professor, featured a compelling discussion with Dr. Rouben Azizian, Professor at Massey University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies, New Zealand. The session focused on the state of...

Security Nexus Webinar | Episode 21: From Promises to Reality: Analyzing the 2024 Indian Elections

In the latest episode of the Security Nexus Webinar, Dr. Srini Sitaraman provided an insightful analysis of India’s 2024 general elections and their implications for the country’s governance and political landscape. Hosted by retired U.S. Army Colonel and Professor James Minnich from the...

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Security Nexus | Webinar Episode 11: North Korea: Beyond the Headlines – Unveil the Reality with Glyn Ford

In the latest episode of the Security Nexus Webinar, viewers were treated to an enlightening discussion that ventured deep into the heart of North Korea’s complex socio-political landscape. Episode 11, titled “North Korea beyond the Headlines, Unveiling the Reality with Glyn Ford,” was...

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