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Pakistan Peace
Pakistan can help win peace in Afghanistan, but only once it’s stable and secure itself

Shyam Tekwani has a new opinion piece in the South China Morning Post called “Pakistan can help win peace in Afghanistan, but only once it’s stable and secure itself.” Tekwani discusses Pakistan’s roadmap to peace in Afghanistan, its own internal challenges, and the opportunity to build an...

Perry Center Conducts Seminar on Hybrid Threats for Argentine Ministry of Security in Buenos Aires
Perry Center Conducts Seminar on Hybrid Threats for Argentine Ministry of Security in Buenos Aires

On April 24-25, 2024, the Perry Center conducted a Seminar on Hybrid Threats: Preventing Terrorist and Criminal Activities for from Argentine Ministry of Security in Buenos Aires. Perry Center Professors Bill Godnick, Celina Realuyo and Boris Saavedra lectured on counterterrorism, the...

Ecuador Visit
Perry Center Visits Ecuador

April 15, 2019 The Perry Center Director, Lieutenant General (ret.) Frederick Rudesheim, professors Celina Realuyo and Dr. Boris Saavedra along with Kara O’Ryan from the Alumni and Academic Outreach Office traveled to Quito, Ecuador from 1-3 April, 2019 for three days of academic and...

OSCE 2018 Rome
PfPC Executive Director addresses 2018 OSCE-wide Counter-Terrorism Conference in Rome

ROME, Italy (11 May, 2018) - Dr. Raphael Perl adresssed a group of over 200 government officials and CT experts on the value and benefits of the PfPC's Foreign Fighter Table Top Exercises, the next of which is scheduled for July 21-22 at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security...

PfPC Leads Seminar on Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Skopje

By Partnership for Peace Consortium SKOPJE, Macedonia (Nov. 9, 2017) – The Republic of Macedonia, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the United States Embassy in Macedonia co-hosted the Partnership for Peace Consortium’s (PfPC) Combating Terrorism Working...

PTSS Grad 1 2.JPG
PTSS 13-4 Graduation on 05 April 2013

On 05 April, 2013, the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies held a graduation ceremony for 70 participants from 40 countries who took part in the Program on Terrorism Security Studies (PTSS 13-4). The five-week course is designed for military officers, government...

PTSS Faculty Publish Results of CT Survey

This research note reports the results of a pilot questionnaire on priorities in terrorism and counter-terrorism, which was completed by seventy-five security-sector professionals from more than fifty countries who attended the Program on Terrorism and Security Studies (PTSS) at the George C....

James Howcroft
PTSS Program Director James Howcroft Published in The American Interest

PTSS Program Director James Howcroft Published an article in The American Interest online magazine. The article explores how to put intelligence to work against ISIS terrorists returning from Syria to their countries of origin. Full text of the article, entitled "Dare to Share", can be...

Podcast Photo
PTSS Team Releases new COVID-19 Podcast

The Marshall Center is pleased to announce the latest production and release in its PTSS podcast series dealing with COVID-19-related effects and implications on terrorism and counterterrorism (CT). This second podcast in the series specifically discusses the COVID-19 impact on CT operations,...

Qatari Diplomatic Institute Virtual Seminar

From 08-10 November 2021, Dr. Gawdat Bahgat led the Qatari Diplomatic Institute Virtual Seminar to help foster a shared understanding of the evolving strategic landscape in the Middle East and promote mutual cooperation. The seminar was attended by over 100 officials from the Qatari Ministry...

Second interview of PfPC’s Euro-Atlantic Spot Series is out!
Second interview of PfPC’s Euro-Atlantic Spot Series is out!

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, March 2, 2021-The PfPC has released its second in a series of short talks from leading experts on matters concerning Euro-Atlantic security - “Artificial Intelligence, The Arms Race, and Unintended Consequences”. This issue features Dr. Sanjay Goel, Professor...

Security Insights Author Discusses Foreign Terrorist Fighter Research

LTC (Res) Dr. Daniel H. Heinke, German Armed Forces Reserve, and Director, State Bureau of Investigation, Germany's Bremen Police published his research on Foreign Terrorist Fighters as a Marshall Center Insights Paper. He talks more about his research in this interview. You can find his...

PTSS ELEC Graduation
Security Professionals Improve English Language Skills to Fight Terrorists

By Christine June Public Affairs Office George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (March 12, 2019) – To feel more confident speaking about counterterrorism topics in a language that is not their native tongue, seven security professionals...

Security Trends and Challenges in South Asia

From 28–30 August 2023, the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies, in partnership with theBangladesh Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs (BCIPA)Department of International Relations,Jahangirnagar University, hosted a Strategic Studies Network (SSN) seminar titled “Security...

Senior Executive Seminar: Global & Regional Power Competition

From 15-19 November 2021, the Near East South Asia Center (NESA) hosted a virtual Senior Executive Seminar titled “Global and Regional Power Competition.” The seminar started off with welcomes from Course Director Dr. Michael Sharnoff, NESA Center Academic Dean Dr. Roger Kangas, and NESA...


SOLARA Participants consider the legal impact of combat actions during atable-top exercise. DIILS hosted 17 Participants from 11 countries attending the 2 week"Stability Operations: Rules of Engagement/Rules on Use of Force -Afghanistan" (SOLARA) course.  Participants studied...

Terrorism and COVID are we over estimating the threat
Terrorism and COVID-19: Are We Over-Estimating the Threat?

“Terrorism and COVID-19: Are We Over-Estimating the Threat?” is a new article by DKI APCSS professor Dr. Sam Mullins for the Small Wars Journal. In this article, Mullins looks at if and how terrorists are using the COVID-19 pandemic to further their goals. “There is an established...

The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS)

The CT team here at DKI APCSS has started a new weekly newsletter called CT Go! It is available on our public webisite at this link. We have also uploaded the newest CTGo! Podcast.

Nick Pratt
The death of Colonel "Nick" Pratt, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), and Marshall Center Professor is mourned.

Today we mourn the loss of our colleague, retired Marine Corps Colonel and Professor Andrew Nicholas "Nick" Pratt. He died Saturday surrounded by family and friends. Most of you knew him as the leader of our counterterrorism program (PTSS), but to many he was also a true friend. We hope you'll...

Terrorism in 2021
The Global Islamist Extremist Threat: Still Significant in 2021

Abstract: Violent Islamist extremism remained the most potent terrorist threat to global stability in 2020 and will remain so in 2021. Six trends were observed the past year: the continuing salience of lone actors; the involvement of women and family networks in combatant roles; the...


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