2017 Alumni Scholars Announced

The Alumni Programs Office is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Marshall Center Alumni Scholarships. This year, we solicited applications from nearly 12,000 alumni, and received over 200 proposals for 8 available scholarships. The Faculty Scholarship Committee read through all...

Alumni Reunion and Academic Exchanges in Peru
Alumni Reunion and Academic Exchanges in Peru

A Perry Center team visited Peru the week of November 11, 2019, for a series of academic engagements with institutional partners and the growing alumni community in Lima. Over the course of the week, professors Celina Realuyo and Boris Saavedra along with Kara O’Ryan from the Educational...

Assess your Cyber Security Awareness

Whether you are a government agency, a commercial enterprise, or an individual, one thing is for certain: a dedicated cyber criminal has the potential to wreak havoc on the computer networks that bind the world together. With this sobering reality in mind, the Partnership for Peace Consortium...

Combating Terrorism in Cyber Space Explored in DIILS Azerbaijan Program

Fifteen Azeri military members participated in the DIILS program on terrorism, computer crimes and the internet in Baku, Azerbaijan from 23 – 27 June 2008, assisting  their efforts to combat terrorism.The program included subject matter experts from the Department of Justice National Security...

LCC 21010 Student presents gift.

DIILS graduated 24 students from the 2020 LCC Course. Countries represented were Cameroon, Egypt, Guatemala, Maldives, Philippines, Kenya, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Moldova, Mongolia, Republic of North Macedonia, Nigeria, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Burkina Faso and Zambia. LCC is a three-...

Cyber Security Alumni Community of Interest Workshop Held at Marshall Center - 6-8 May 2014

Participants of the Cyber Security Alumni Community of Interest Workshop were introduced to the Marshall Center’s new Program on Cyber Security Studies this week and heard from many excellent speakers. The first PCSS course is scheduled for thisDecember.

FBI Shares Tools, Trains Partner Nations to Fight Terrorists Online

By Christine June George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Dec. 1, 2017) – By using the internet, terrorists can quickly and effectively recruit, incite violence, transfer funds and even, organize attacks, with relative freedom and secrecy...

Alumni Association of Guatemala
Guatemala Alumni Association Organizes Cybersecurity Forum

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 the Perry Center Alumni Association of Guatemala hosted a one-day Central American Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense Forum held at the Guatemalan Defense Ministry’s Conference Center. The forum was attended by 152 participants comprised of government officials,...

 Book Beyond Convergence: World Without Order
Hemispheric Forum and Release of the Book Beyond Convergence: World Without Order

On October 18, 2016, the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies and National Defense University’s Center for Complex Operations co-hosted a Hemispheric Forum and book release event for Beyond Convergence: World Without Order, a new publication from CCOPress. In panel...

25th anniversary
Hindsight, Insight, Foresight: Thinking about Security in the Indo-Pacific.

aside { width: 40%; padding-left: 18px; margin-left: 1px; float: right; font-style: italic; } As part of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies 25th Anniversary, the Center has produced this publication, “Hindsight, Insight, Foresight: Thinking about...

'per Concordiam'; economic security; Northern European;  regional; security challenges; Arctic; Strategic Communication; age of post-truth; Hybrid Warfare; George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies; Marshall Center; Marshall Center; U.S. Eur
Latest Issue of ‘per Concordiam’ on Migration Published on Marshall Center Website

By Public Affairs Office George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Sept. 24, 2018) – The latest issue of ‘per Concordiam’ is posted on the Marshall Center website at This is the 32nd issue of ‘per Concordiam,’...

Marshall Center Cyber Security Studies Program Bolsters Next Generation of Defenders

GARMISCH PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (February 21, 2017) - Cyber security professionals from around the world returned home Feb. 16, with fresh perspectives and a renewed sense urgency after working and learning together at the Marshall Center’s Program on Cyber Security Studies (PCSS) resident...

PCSS 19-02 Graduates 78 Cyber Experts from 52 Nations
Marshall Center Program Engages Experts to Address Challenges, Threats in Cyberspace

By Christine June George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Dec 21, 2018) – It’s a hyper-connected world, where cyberspace provides critical support for the world’s economy, civil infrastructure, public safety and national security. But it’s...


The NATO Legal Gazette is an educational outreach publication produced by the HQ SACT Legal Offices in Norfolk and Staff Element Europe co-located at SHAPE in Mons, Belgium. The NATO Legal Gazette contains thematically organized articles usually written by authors who are military or...

ESC Conference in Kyiv
Partnership for Peace Consortium´s Emerging Security Challenges Working Group leads Conference on Hybrid Threats in Kyiv

KYIV, Ukraine, September 26-27, 2019 - The Partnership for Peace Consortium’s (PfPC) Emerging Security Challenges Working Group, in cooperation with the NATO-Ukraine Platform on Countering Hybrid Warfare, the Ukrainian Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic...

WJPC Cohosts Cyberecurity and critical infrastructure seminar in Panama
Perry Center Co-Hosts Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Seminar in Panama

February 5-7, 2020, the Perry Center co-hosted a three-day Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Seminar with the Panamanian Ministry of Public Security, the National Aeronaval Service of Panama, and the United States Embassy in Panama. Vice Minister of Public Security Ivor Pittí Hernández...

 Colombia’s Escuela Superior de Guerra
Perry Center Kicks Off Regional Seminar on Countering Transnational Threats

August 10, 2016 The William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies and Colombia’s Escuela Superior de Guerra/Centro Regional de Estudios Estratégicos de Seguridad have convened over 100 senior defense and security professionals, from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay,...

Ecuador Visit
Perry Center Visits Ecuador

April 15, 2019 The Perry Center Director, Lieutenant General (ret.) Frederick Rudesheim, professors Celina Realuyo and Dr. Boris Saavedra along with Kara O’Ryan from the Alumni and Academic Outreach Office traveled to Quito, Ecuador from 1-3 April, 2019 for three days of academic and...

NDU-P Admiral Roegge welcoming DG and Cyber students
Residential Phase of Cyber and DG Courses Begin at the Perry Center

On Monday, September 16 2019 the residential phase of two Perry Center courses, Defense Governance (DG) and Cyber Policy Development (CYBER) began. Nearly 80 senior military and civilian representatives from a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere have convened for the next two weeks to...

Two for the Price of One with the Indo Pacific Defense Forum

We have a rare treat this week with the publication of the Indo Pacific Defense Forum (IPDF).The latest issue of the IPDF has twoarticles by DKI APCSS faculty.Dr. Al Oehler has an article on Debt & Strategic Competition (Pg 10) andDr. Inez Miyamoto has an article onWeaponized Ransomware(pg...

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FALL 2013
Cyber Space, Cyber Engagement Between NATO US and Russia, Transparency vs. Confidentiality, Energy Security. FALL 2013

Two of the papers in the Fall 2013 issue of Connections look into the legitimacy in the use of force in cyber space in three recent cyber attacks and the engagement between NATO/U.S. and Russia in the cyber domain. Another article treats the dilemma of transparency vs. confidentiality in the...

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