Disaster Management & Response

Disaster Management & Response Measures taken before, during, or after hostile action or natural or manmade disasters to reduce the probability of damage, minimize its effects, and initiate recovery.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief - Professor Benjamin Ryan

In this podcast, Professor Ryan discusses Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.  He begins by looking at the disaster trends and risks across the Asia-Pacific region.  Afterwards, he looks at developing and cascading crises, developing HADR trends, and concludes by discussing risk reduction and regional cooperation. 


Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (20:32)



Understanding Drivers of Regional Security Ensures Safer Humanitarian Response Operations

Professor Jessica Ear presented a talk on drivers of regional security at the second session of the Humanitarian Civil-Military Regional Consultative Group meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on 11-12 October, 2016.  A summary of her presentation follows.



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