Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian Assistance Programs conducted to relieve or reduce the results of natural or manmade disasters or other endemic conditions such as human pain, disease, hunger, or privation that might present a serious threat to life or that can result in great damage to or loss of property. 

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief - Professor Benjamin Ryan

In this podcast, Professor Ryan discusses Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.  He begins by looking at the disaster trends and risks across the Asia-Pacific region.  Afterwards, he looks at developing and cascading crises, developing HADR trends, and concludes by discussing risk reduction and regional cooperation. 


Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (20:32)



Understanding Drivers of Regional Security Ensures Safer Humanitarian Response Operations

Professor Jessica Ear presented a talk on drivers of regional security at the second session of the Humanitarian Civil-Military Regional Consultative Group meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on 11-12 October, 2016.  A summary of her presentation follows.


Enhancements to EAC Leadership of AMISOM

I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation on EAC Leadership of AMISOM and was interested in any comments to the following questions.

What policy or capability adaptations can the EAC make to become more effective in the new peacebuilding and statebuilding interventions they currently find themselves and how will they be most effective over the long term?

1. Why has the EAC not been able to deploy a peacekeeping force under EAC leadership?


The Nexus Between Public Diplomacy and Military Diplomacy in Foreign Affairs and Defense Policy

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