Law of War

Saudi Arabia 2018

DIILS partnered with the Saudi Arabia War Course to discuss legal issues regarding targeting in air operations. The DIILS team consisted of three USAF judge advocate air targeting experts and the CENTCOM Staff Judge Advocate.

Modern Urban Warfare
Marshall Center conducts first Special Topic Presentation for Alumni

On 9 December 2020, the Marshall Center’s Professor James K. Wither conducted the first lecture in a series entitled Special Topic Presentations for Alumni, hosted by the Marshall Center’s Alumni Programs Office. The goal of these presentations is to provide alumni with an update on a current...

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Russian Aggression In Ukraine And Outcome In South Asia

APCSS alumnus Binoj Basnyat writes, "When the world is being wedged by COVID-19 the war now has added to the predicament. A third of global wheat and barley, over half of world’s sunflower seed oil is produced in Russia and Ukraine." "The Russo-Ukraine War-II has divided South Asia, will...

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