Alumni Papers
Alumni Perspectives: Freedom of the Press in Vietnam and Laos

Alumni Perspectives: Freedom of the Press in Vietnam and Laos How do the expanding economic opportunities in communist countries impact freedom of the press? Tjipta Lesmana, an alumnus of the Transnational Security Cooperation (TSC16-1) course and professor at Universitas Pelita Hatrapan...

media and security practitioner
Media and the Security Practitioner

“Media and the Security Practitioner”is the title of a paper written by DKI APCSS professor Shyam Tekwani forSecurity Nexus. This article makes recommendations for the security practitioner and news consumer to overcome the hazards of diminishing trust in mainstream media and the resulting...

Flag of the United States of America
Memorial Day 2021

This Memorial Day, May 31, 2021, we honor and remember those who have served.

Digital Series
NESA IOR Digital Series With Dr. Christopher Colley

23 March 2021 – This iteration of the NESA IOR Digital Series features comments fromDr. Christopher Colleyof the UAE National Defence College. His research on China-India relations is discussed, as well as what he sees as the nature of competition among major powers and how smaller regional...

NSO Digital Badges
NSO ADL Team @ iFest2020

The National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), in collaboration with the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, hosted iFEST 2020 onlline 17-19 August 2020. Attendees from the military, government, industry, and academia participated in the three-day symposium focused on...

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The Image of Security Sector Agencies as a Strategic Communication Tool

This article highlights the corporate image as a strategic communication tool for security sector agencies. The prospects of image for a security sector agency are outlined with regard to image formation and reparation. Image formation is based on the principles of objectivity, openness,...

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