Security Studies

Security Studies A discipline within international relations which concerns itself with international security issues including the study of measures taken by states to protect against all hostile acts as well as the condition that results from the establishment and maintenance of protective measures that ensure a state of inviolability from hostile acts or influences.

The Role of International Law in Countering Terrorism - CDR Jonathan Odom

Commander Odom discusses the conceptual roles of law in addressing security issues.  He also explains the basis and limits of international law to counter terrorism.  Finally, he identifies international instruments States leverage to counter terrorism.


The Role of International Law in Countering Terrorism - Audio



Regional Security Architecture - Dr. Rouben Azizian

Understanding regional security architecture, requires that we first understand the terms used to define it.  The word regional may refer to the Asia-Pacific, or Indo-Asia-Pacific.  It may also include the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean in Central and South America.  Still, others argue that the Central Asia countries are part of this region.  When discussing security, are we focused on traditional, hard-core security institutions or a more comprehensive definition that includes non-tradtional civil and non-governmental organizations?  Multilateral institutio


Inequality and Implications on Security - Dr. Miemie Winn Byrd

Recently, researchers from Harvard and Columbia University conducted a study measuring income inequality and socio-political instability in 70 countries for the period 1960-1985.  They found a positive correlation -- as income inequality increases, socio-political instability escalates.  This finding further supports the earlier findings by Ted Gurr of linkages between relative deprivation, frustration, and aggression.



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