Security Studies

Security Studies A discipline within international relations which concerns itself with international security issues including the study of measures taken by states to protect against all hostile acts as well as the condition that results from the establishment and maintenance of protective measures that ensure a state of inviolability from hostile acts or influences.

How Terrorist Groups End - Dr. Christopher C. Harmon

Most terrorist campaigns end, but how?  Answers help us understand these violent organizations and aid in identifying strategies for countering them.  Dr. Harmon's publications on the topic go back so far as a 2004 think tank report covering: defeat by force, arrest or killing of the leaders, turn to a pacific political path, defeat via good grand strategy, and terrorist victory.  These and other options will be explored in the podcast. 



Dealing with Reality: Understanding and Dealing with Complex Problems - Professor Butch Finley

In this podcast, Professor Butch Finley discusses complexity and several methods to understand and manage complex problems. 

This is a five part podcast.  Each part is approximately 20 mins long and can be viewed in any order.  Viewers have the option to watch the podcast or listen to the podcast.




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