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Organized Crime Transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals for the purpose of engaging in illegal activity, most commonly for monetary profit. 

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Peace and Conflict Development Stability actions, predominately diplomatic and economic, that strengthen and rebuild governmental infrastructure and institutions in order to avoid a relapse into conflict

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Peacekeeping The process of diplomacy, mediation, negotiation, or other forms of peaceful settlements that arranges an end to a dispute and resolves issues that led to it. 

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Policy A plan or course of action, as of a government, political party, or business, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matter

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Policy and Planning Development Practitioners who author written guidelines, principles or protocols to implement strategy or senior leader direction to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.  Individual(s) who sets the plan pursued by a government implementing strategic guidance.

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American democracy and political reform, including opening the political process to all members of society, the practice of free elections, freedom of association, and the influence of various governmental and non-governmental organizations that promote democracy, the rule of law, transparence, and accountability in the political process.

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Program Design A sequence of intentional learning events and curriculum organized in a manner that they result in valued outcomes for a clearly defined audience.

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Program Evaluation  A continual and systematic process of assessing the value or potential value of an entire training program.  Results of the evaluation are used to guide decision-making around various components of the training (e.g. instructional design, delivery, results) and its overall continuation, modification, or elimination.

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Public Corruption

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Public Diplomacy Those overt international public information activities of governments designed to promote foreign policy objectives by seeking to understand, inform, and influence foreign audiences and opinion makers, and by broadening the dialogue between citizens and institutions and their counterparts abroad.

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Reconstruction and Stability Operations An overarching term encompassing various military missions, tasks, and activities conducted outside the a country in coordination with other instruments of national power to maintain or reestablish a safe and secure environment, provide essential governmental services, emergency infrastructure reconstruction, and humanitarian relief.

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Regional and Global Crime Relationships

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A multinational organization established by treaty or international agreement whose membership or scope is focused on a particular geographic area, such as the African Union, ASEAN, COJUMA, ECOWAS, the European Union,  the Gulf Cooperation Council, etc.

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Directives issued by competent military authority that delineate the circumstances and limitations under which United States forces will initiate and/or continue combat engagement with other forces encountered. (JP 1-04)

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 Security Cooperation activities related to support and sustainment operations, especially in a military sense

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Security Sector Reform and Transformation

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Security Studies A discipline within international relations which concerns itself with international security issues including the study of measures taken by states to protect against all hostile acts as well as the condition that results from the establishment and maintenance of protective measures that ensure a state of inviolability from hostile acts or influences.

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Small Arms and Light Weapons Man portable, individual, and crew-served weapon systems used mainly against personnel and lightly armored or unarmored equipment.

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Smuggling Routes