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2017 Alumni Scholars Announced

The Alumni Programs Office is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Marshall Center Alumni Scholarships. This year, we solicited applications from nearly 12,000 alumni, and received over 200 proposals for 8 available scholarships. The Faculty Scholarship Committee read through all...

African Illicit Commons Seminar Participants Network at ACSS Event

View photos from the event.The Africa Center for Strategic Studies hosted 19 African military and civilian leaders for an informal briefing and networking event at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 15, 2012. The leaders were on campus as participants in the...

Counternarcotics Seminar Session Focuses on Rule of Law and Corruption

View Photos From This Event. Guest speakers discussed the rule of law and anticorruption measures during a session of the four-day Countering Narcotics and the Illicit Commons symposium organized by the Africa Center and three other regional Department of Defense academic centers...

Counternarcotics Symposium Participants Asked to Share Knowledge During Closing Ceremony

Fifty-eight military and civilian officials from 32 countries received certificates for completing a four-day counternarcotics and transnational threats symposium on Feb. 16, 2012, at National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Four U.S. Department of Defense academic centers—Africa...

Defense Official Calls for More Cooperation Against Trafficking During Symposium Opening

View Photos From This Event. The only way for the world to counter the expanding international criminal drug trade is for nations to work together, a senior U.S. Defense Department official said during the opening of a transnational threats symposium in Washington, D.C., on...

CTOC 18-14
Fast Facts: Countering Transnational Organized Crime 18-14

By Public Affairs Office George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Aug. 2, 2018) – The Marshall Center is hosting the Program on Countering Transnational Organized Crime 18-14 from Aug. 2 to 24. The Program on Countering Transnational...

CTOC COI Feb16.jpg
February 2016 Global Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) Alumni Community of Interest Workshop

 The Marshall Center conducted its latest Global Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) Alumni Community of Interest (COI) Workshop, 1-4 February 2016, on the topic of “Examining Anti-Corruption Policies, Measures, and Solutions”.  This COI brought together 71 security...

GCMC and CEMA University in Argentina Hold VTC on Counterterrorism

On Tuesday, 11 July 2017, the Marshall Center and the CEMA University in Buenos Aires conducted a VTC as part of a CEMA conference on "Transnational Threats: Narcotics and Terrorism". Marshall Center PTSS Program Director James Howcroft spoke via VTC to the audience in Argentina on...

CTOC working group
Global Law Enforcement Professionals Strategize Ways to Counter Transnational Organized Crime at Marshall Center

By James E. Brooks, George C. Marshall European Center Public Affairs Director GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Aug. 28, 2017) – Give any one of the 78 law enforcement professionals who graduated from the George C. Marshall European Center’s Countering Transnational Organized Crime course...

Marshall Center Alumni Spark Policy Change, Big Criminal Busts

By Christine June GCMC Public Affairs GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (March 2, 2017) – More than a half-a-million dollars was seized and several criminals arrested in the first and second stand-alone money-laundering busts in Trinidad and Tobago in November 2016. This historical bust...

Marshall Center Course Strengthens Language Skills to Fight Organized Crime

By Christine June GCMC Public Affairs GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (May 9, 2017) – Dr. Ion Nastas, who is tasked with preventing and combating corruption in his country, has an answer for those who ask him why he needs to speak English since he works in the Republic of Moldova and...

CTOC 19-06 Graduation
Marshall Center Educates Security Professionals to Counter International Illicit Threat Networks

By Christine June Public Affairs Office George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (March 8, 2019) – International illicit threat networks operate with the intent to cause great harm to people, resulting in mass causalities, said the Deputy...

CTOC 17-01
Marshall Center’s Combating Transnational Crime Course ‘Brings Strategies to Life’

By Christine June GCMC Public Affairs GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Dec. 15, 2016) – Packing tools to bring strategies to life, 90 practitioners are heading home to 52 countries after graduating from the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies’ Program on Countering...

Nane Karutyunyan
Marshall Center’s Seminar Encourages First Line of Defense in the Fight Against Corruption

By Christine June GCMC Public Affairs KYIV, Ukraine (April 17, 2017)—Nane Harutyunyan, a lawyer with the Ministry of Justice in Armenia, wrote notes, asked questions and researched in the evenings because she knew the “Black Sea-Eurasia Region Countering Corruption Seminar” she was...

Narco-States: Africa's Next Menace

Op-Ed Contributor Narco-States: Africa's Next Menace By DAVIN O'REGAN Since emerging as Africa’s first narco-state in the mid 2000s, Guinea Bissau’s slide toward instability has been swift and precipitous. The homicide rate has spiked by 25 percent and is now...

New Africa Security Brief Released

As in much of Africa, the vast majority of security threats facing Nigeria are internal, often involving irregular forces such as insurgents, criminal gangs, and violent religious extremists. Effectively combating such threats requires cooperation from local communities—cooperation limited by...

Proff Realuyo, Panama City
Perry Center Professor Conducts Counterterrorism Financing and Anti-Money Laundering Seminar in Panama

Perry Center Professor Celina Realuyo conducted a counterterrorism financing and anti-money laundering seminar titled “Following the Money Trail to Combat Terrorism, Crime and Corruption” for the Superintendency of Banks of Panama on April 10, 2017 in Panama City, Panama in collaboration with...

Perry Center Professor Speaks at AEI

Experts on transnational organized crime and corruption in the Americas met at AEI on Friday to discuss ongoing challenges in tackling the region’s evolving crime landscape. AEI’s Roger Noriega spoke with El Salvador Attorney General Raúl Melara about the United States’ partnership with El...

Perry Center Professor Testifies Before Congress

On March 4, 2020, Perry Center Professor Celina Realuyo testified before Congress on "Global Illicit Networks and their Facilitators in the Americas: Countering the Threat from Mexican Cartels and the Opioid Epidemic" at a hearing titled "The Traffickers' Roadmap: How Bad Actors Exploit...

Professors Boris Saavedra and Celina Realuyo
Perry Center Professors Participate in Seminar at ESDEG

August 14-15, 2019, Perry Center Professors Celina Realuyo and Boris Saavedra participated in the seminar "Drug Trafficking and Migration in the Americas," which was hosted by the Colombian War College’s (ESDEG) Regional Center for Strategic Security Studies (CREES) in Bogotá, Colombia. Over...


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The Evolving Role of the Security Forces to Counter Transnational Organized Crime in the America

As transnational organized crime increasingly presents a national security threat throughout Latin America, governments must re-examine the roles and responsibilities of their security forces, both military and police, to ensure the welfare, security, prosperity and sovereignty of their countries....

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The Rapid Evolution of the MS-13 in El Salvador and Honduras from Gang to Tier-One Threat to Central American and US Security Interests

The Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13) gang is now a tier one criminal, political, military and economic threat in the Northern Triangle. While it employs differing strategies from country to country, the organization nonetheless competes with – and often defeats – the state in important theaters of...

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Tácticas Terroristas en Organizaciones Criminales: El Caso de México

Coches bomba que lanzan esquirlas en áreas urbanas repletas de gente y que son detonados en forma remota desde celulares. Cuerpos torturados con mensajes amenazadores dirigidos al público o al gobierno. Políticos acribillados a balazos por su trabajo. Estas escenas parecen evocar a Siria o...