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The Denuclearization of North Korea - Colonel James Minnich

The denuclearization of North Korea, a formalized policy objective of the United States since the 1990s, is the singularly most important objective of Washington, regarding Pyongyang.  Notwithstanding this and despite American efforts to forestall North Korea from becoming a nuclear weapons power, Pyongyang has conducted repeated underground nuclear explosions and successive tests of missile delivery systems. Is North Korea destined to become the world’s next recognized nuclear weapons power?


Chiefs of Defense Conference 2016

DKI APCSS Alumni at the PACOM Chiefs of Defense Conference 2016.. (L-R) Major General Carlito Galves (AFP J-3), Director Leaf, Brigadier Lord Fielakepa (Chief of the Defence Staff), Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto (Commander, Republic of Fiji Military Forces), General Ricardo Visaya (Chief of Staff, AFP), Vice Admiral Ray Griggs (Deputy Chief of Defence Force, Australian Defence Force), Mr. Chris Marut (PACOM FPA)



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